As you prepare your business – and your people – for the new normal, you need a proven solutions leader you can trust. Keep your employees safe, prevent shutdowns and support compliance with changing regulations.

With Zebra MotionWorks Proximity you can manage contact tracing and help employees reduce risk of exposure. Our solution alerts and reminds employees to maintain social distancing proactively, while also creating a record of proximity events for reporting purposes. Our dashboard helps you identify patterns where social distancing is not being maintained and ensure a safe working environment for all. Your constant companion, it’s made to perform in your environments and workflows. Engineered for enterprise, it installs remotely in a matter of days — with zero new infrastructure. As you bring your business back to production, Zebra’s by your side.




Our solution includes both an on-device application and cloud-based SaaS software. The on-device application runs the sensing algorithm and logs sensed data that is sent to the cloud, and also generates user-level proximity alerts. The cloud software is readily accessible via a web-browser, is managed by Zebra and includes 24/7 monitoring and support. This software receives sensing data and applies analytics to provide a view of current proximity events via a live dashboard, as well as a report for historical views. In the event of an exposure, our contact trace report allows your company to quickly and accurately determine potentially impacted employees, so you can notify them and take action.

Made to Perform in Your Workflows
and Environment
Adopting your safety solution is easy and painless with Zebra. We designed
MotionWorks Proximity for your workflows and environments leveraging
Zebra’s decades of hands-on experience engineering enterprise solutions
for manufacturing, transportation and logistics, warehousing, government,
retail and others. Quickly roll out the application to your existing supported
Zebra devices, or purchase devices that are already configured and staged.
This cloud-based solution is remotely installed and managed by Zebra, and
requires zero additional infrastructure. It operates using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,
continuing to generate sensing data and provide user-level alerts if out of
Wi-Fi range, and promptly loading data upon re-entry. Make the most out of
your investment with our multi-functional devices.

Increase awareness with Proximity Alerts
Empower workers to separate from others with on-device* alerts to avoid proximity events. Zebra’s unique algorithm
minimizes false alerts for brief encounters by allowing a 60-second wait period before a proximity alert is triggered.
Alerts allow workers to self-correct, giving them an opportunity to adjust to their new workflows safely and
confidently. After the initial 60-seconds, proximity alerts are issued every minute until workers separate.

Enforce social distancing with Proximity Events
Give authorized managers insights to remind workers to maintain distance. Proximity events are generated when
employees are in close proximity over a period of 5 minutes, capturing sensing data including duration and associated
identities. Use the proximity event dashboard to see occurring events and spot patterns to help managers properly
coach workers and enforce social distancing.

Identify exposure with automated Contact Tracing
Get the full view of possible worker exposures easily with our web-based contact tracing report. This automated
solution allows you to efficiently identify the right individuals, saving time with high accuracy. Use the report to quickly
see multiple levels of employee contacts, number of interactions, total duration and timestamp of each event.