Mobile Computers

TC52-HC Touch Computer


The TC52-HC Android Touch Computer builds on the highly successful TC51-HC, adding a new platform and new capabilities to deliver the ultimate in touch computing for today’s healthcare workers. You get the simplicity of Android with all the mobile computing, clinical collaboration and data capture features your staff needs to provide every patient with the highest quality care.



Physical Characteristics

Dimensions 6.1 in. L x 2.9 in. W x 0.73 in. H
155 mm L x 75.5 mm W x 18.6 mm H
Weight 8.8 oz./249 g with battery
Display 5.0 in. High Definition (1280 x 720); exceptionally bright, outdoor viewable; optically bonded to touch panel
Imager Window Corning Gorilla Glass
Touchpanel Dual mode capacitive touch with stylus or bare or gloved fingertip input (conductive stylus sold separately); Corning Gorilla Glass; water droplet rejection; fingerprint resistant anti-smudge coating
Backlight LED backlight
Power Rechargeable Li-Ion, PowerPrecision+, > 15.48 Watt hours, > 4150 mAh, improved battery metrics for better battery management, fast charging (up to 2.4 A)
Expansion Slot User accessible MicroSD up to 32GB SDHC and up to 256 GB SDXC
Network Connections WLAN, WPAN (Bluetooth), USB 2.0, High Speed (Host and Client)
Notification Audible tone; multi-color LEDs; vibration
Keypad On-screen keypad and enterprise keyboard
Voice and Audio Three microphones with noise cancellation and audio support for Narrow Band, Wideband, Super Wideband, and Full Band; vibrate alert, Front facing speaker, Bluetooth wireless headset support; high quality speaker phone, PTT headset support; and HD Voice
Buttons Six programmable buttons for maximum flexibility: Back button, dual dedicated scan buttons, dedicated push-to-talk button and volume up/down buttons

Performance Characteristics

CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core, 2.2 GHz
Operating System Android 8.1 Oreo with Zebra’s Restricted Mode for control over GMS and other services
Memory 4GB RAM/32GB Flash

User Environment

Operating Temp. 14°F to 122°F/-10°C to 50°C
Storage Temp. -40°F to 158°F/-40°C to 70°C
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Drop Specifications Multiple 4 ft./1.2 m to tile over concrete
-10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F) per MIL STD 810 G
Tumble Specification 500 1.6 ft./0.5 m tumbles, meets or exceeds IEC tumble specification
Sealing IP65 per applicable IEC sealing specifications
Vibration 4 g’s PK Sine (5 Hz to 2 kHz); 0.04 g 2/Hz Random (20 Hz to 2 kHz); 60 minute duration per axis, 3 axis
Thermal Shock -40° F to 158° F/-40° C to 70° C rapid transition
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) +/- 15kv air discharge; +/- 8kv direct discharge; +/- 8kv indirect discharge



The TC52-HC Touch Computer builds on the highly successful TC51-HC, adding a new platform and capabilities to deliver the ultimate device for healthcare workers. You get all the features you need to provide every patient with the highest quality of care. You get a durable device built for healthcare, with Android’s unmatched ease of use. Your staff will excel at clinical collaboration thanks to crystal clear VoIP calls, secure text messaging and mobile alarms and alerts. You get the most sanitizable device available today, ready for frequent cleanings and around-the-clock use. The cutting edge platform maximizes the benefits of mobility today, while providing future-proofing for tomorrow. And Mobility DNA™ offers the ultimate collection of value-add apps, with four new complimentary solutions that deliver unparalleled functionality, including the best possible WiFi performance. The TC52-HC touch computer — because when it comes to quality of care, your patients deserve the best.


Android for instant familiarity

Your staff already knows how to use an Android device, virtually eliminating training time and adoption curves. And you can deliver the highly-graphic interactive apps today’s workers expect.

Advanced touchscreen technology

The 5 in. display provides plenty of space to view critical patient data and graphics-intensive apps. The easy, familiar and flexible multi-touch operation works when wet, with a gloved finger or a stylus.

Highest quality voice for crystal clear voice calls

In the hospital, there is no room for misunderstandings on a call. That’s why the TC52-HC offers three microphones, high-volume speakers and the latest in noise-cancellation technology. Callers on both ends of the call will hear every word — no matter how hectic your work environment may be.

Active Edge™ Touch Zone for one-touch feature access

Users can easily create dedicated soft keys on either side of the display to access their most frequently used device features and applications with a single touch — from the scanner to specific apps and text messaging.

Full shift power your staff can count on

The PowerPrecision+ high capacity battery delivers an impressive 14 hours of power1 — plenty for the longest shift. With Warm Swap mode, swapping batteries is fast and easy — there’s no need to turn off the device or close active apps. And with fast charging, batteries are fully charged and ready to go in record time.


Disinfectant-ready to withstand frequent cleanings

The TC52-HC is designed for healthcare from the ground up — screw holes are covered and the number of crevices and seams have been minimized to eliminate places where germs can hide. Advanced medical grade plastics provide superior toughness, able to withstand frequent cleanings from a wide selection of disinfectants.

Rugged and ready for the toughest shifts

While the TC52-HC looks like a smartphone, it’s engineered for 24/7 clinical use. You get reliable operation — even if you drop it on the floor or get it wet. The unibody design provides extra impact protection for the sensitive electronics. And the Corning® Gorilla® Glass touch panel and imager window bring maximum scratch-resistance and shatter-proofing to two of the most vulnerable device features.

High-resolution video streaming for better collaboration

The front-facing 5 MP camera enables remote video conferencing with patients and colleagues — improving care quality and caretaker productivity. Built-in support for the latest positioning technology, Visible Light Communication (VLC), provides location-based information for mapping and clinical interactions.

A platform to handle all your apps — today and tomorrow

The ultra-powerful processor provides superior performance on all voice and data apps. You get built-in support for the next two versions of Android (P and Q)2 and future apps, such as artificial intelligence.

Improved WiFi range and speed — with less power

With support for 2×2 Multiple-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology, you get better WiFi range and speed. And processing is shifted from the TC52-HC to the access point, extending battery cycle time.

The most powerful family of ready-to-use voice solutions

Give your healthcare workers better voice connections for better collaboration. Workforce Connect™ PTT Express is pre-installed and pre-licensed, enabling push-to-talk right out of the box with any other worker carrying any PTT Express-enabled Zebra mobile computer inside the four walls. Want to enable PTT with physicians, paramedics and more outside the four walls? Make it happen with our optional, cloud-based, cost-effective Workforce Connect PTT Pro. And with optional Workforce Connect Voice, your TC52-HC mobile computer doubles as a cordless PBX handset, eliminating the need for workers to carry and manage more than one device.

Secure text messaging

Standard text messaging services lack the security required for healthcare, but voice conversations are often inappropriate in a hospital. With Zebra’s easy-to-deploy Workforce Connect Enterprise Messaging or an approved Partner’s secure texting application, your staff can quickly and discretely communicate via text while meeting requirements for privacy and security.

Fast and flawless scanning

Advanced scanning technology and PRZM Intelligent Imaging deliver lightning fast capture of printed and electronic 1D and 2D barcodes in virtually any condition — even on curved or uneven surfaces like medicine vials and medical bags. The expanded working range and wide field of view allow staff to scan barcodes nearer and farther away, while omnidirectional scanning provides true point and shoot performance.

Ultra high-resolution photos and videos

The 13 MP rear color camera captures highly detailed photos and videos to document patient condition, including wound status. The flash is optimized for better brightness and uniformity, making it easier than ever to take quality photos in any lighting condition.

Automatically capture data on labels and forms

Need to capture multiple barcodes on a single label or data on a medical form, such as checkboxes, text fields and signatures? You can do it all with the press of a single button with SimulScan, a no-cost, pre-installed Mobility DNA application.

Maximize productivity with enterprise accessories

The TC52-HC supports a full suite of backward compatible business-class accessories, including a 4-slot spare battery charger and unique ShareCradles that charge both devices and batteries. And with the optional Ethernet connection, syncing data with backend apps is fast and accurate.


WorryFree WiFi — dependably superior WiFi

Provide every worker with the best possible WiFi connection, every minute of every shift. This free tool delivers near instant application response times, unmatched roaming performance, plus exceptional voice quality and network diagnostics — everything you need to leverage your WiFi network to increase workforce productivity and better serve patients.

PowerPrecision Console — prevent aging batteries from reducing workforce productivity

This free PC-based solution provides an easy-to-read dashboard that allows you to quickly identify and remove aging batteries from your battery fleet — before they impact workforce productivity and mobile device uptime.

End-to-end revolutionary control of the update process with LifeGuard

Updating your enterprise-class Android mobile devices is often time-consuming, costly, complex and difficult to track. Now you can easily manage updates across your entire fleet with LifeGuard Analytics — free with your Zebra OneCare® Support contract. See available updates, a list of eligible devices and the update priority, all at a glance. Automatically update devices over the air with the press of a button. And easily monitor and manage the status of updates in real time.

Easily manage access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) with Restricted Mode

StageNow’s new Restricted Mode delivers an industry first — an easy way to simply click to deactivate Google Mobile Services (GMS) — and reactivate should you need them down the road. StageNow is free and pre-loaded on every TC52-HC.

PowerPrecision Console — prevent aging batteries from reducing workforce productivity

This free PC-based solution provides an easy-to-read dashboard that allows you to quickly identify and remove aging batteries from your battery fleet — before they impact workforce productivity and mobile device uptime.


Improve device value with Zebra’s optional Visibility Services

Get the device management data you need to take device uptime, operational efficiency and your return on investment to the next level. Asset Visibility Service (AVS) is an easy to use and deploy solution that doesn’t require an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system. Operational Visibility Services (OVS) is a comprehensive device management solution that leverages your EMM information to help get more value out of your Zebra mobile devices. These optional services can be added to your optional Zebra OneCare support contract.